Sunday, March 9, 2014


As you can see from the dates of this, and my previous post, it has been quite a while since I have visited my own blog (sorry to all those who frequent this blog on occasion).

It was never that I had lost interest in the political scene or lost my perspective...time just got away from me and I have been focusing on other endeavors.

To those who have been consistently generous with their attentions of my one man show...let me sum up my observations and vent a little...

Not everything is a damn crisis...this is merely a money word for the media to attempt to garner viewership.

Let's not overstate Mr. Putin's actions of late...he is doing what we would do if we were in similar circumstances...protect our interests. Crimea holds one of his most important military bases, his only warm weather base, which is situated on the Black Sea. Knowledgeable observers saw this coming a mile away.

Why is it that our immediate response to damn near everything in the world is to ratchet up the troops, at least it is our number one response considered...

Voices who are wondering what is next in the Putin troop occupation (primarily a spread of his occupation into neighboring lands) would be best served by remembering that this question is what got us into Vietnam.

Many of us liberals are very interested in Californian investigations into so-called "dark money" campaign donations through a series of hands (non-profits) in an attempt to disguise the donors. These investigations' reportedly involve the Koch Brothers, although if the right are doing it, certainly they are being mimicked by the left...

If the Democrats do lose the next election, please let it be to a moderate like Jon Huntsman and not flame throwing tea partiers like Paul or Cruz....

Having spent a few hours on CSPAN listening to conservative after conservative at CPAC, my fervent hope is for the GOP to change from a party of hope and change and less of the party of "here is what / who we hate." Leaders are for something...losers focus primarily on what they are against. Effective leaders know their own vision of where the nation should go and know how to get there.

Recent reductions in the SNAP program (you may know it as "food stamps"), while maintaining massive subsidies of many industries, including the banking and petrochemical industries, is one of the most heartless political moves in my lifetime.

The Obama administration is, and will continue to be, primarily in a reactive posture until the end of their second term, and that is a shame.

Having been an active participant in the social media, including serving as a beta tester of Google +, I am sick to death of the vitriolic comments, the inflammatory rhetoric (frequently from conservatives towards liberals), the utter lack of knowledge, the complete lack of awareness, and the lack of any nuanced analysis towards any current event that I used to enjoy in years gone by. Most voices consist of a picture with insulting rhetoric added to it.

Who ever came up with the phase "the dumbing down of America" years ago was a true visionary.

And that is my world...the "World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.