Sunday, August 3, 2014


Rarely if ever these days do I agree wholeheartedly with any political person in the Beltway. I look incredulously at the stagnation, the obstructionist maneuvers and the vitriolic agendas that prevent us as a nation from becoming what we should be.
These elected representatives operate in the very bodies where true and great leaders once operated. Mitchell, Byrd, Clay, Kennedy, Webster and Calhoun. These men took the well of the Senate and worked tirelessly to solve the problems and issues of the day. They made oration an art form. And while they vehemently disagreed at times, they worked together to find an acceptable middle ground, all the while treating each other with the respect accorded and demanded of a United States Senator.
What I see now would be laughable...if it were not for the devastatingly negative effect it is having on a once great nation.
As a youth I considered making politics my life passion, so I majored in political science in college, which I thought was the appropriate place to start. A political career these days does not require any knowledge of political requires a double major in communications and theatre.
Because what we have now are not leaders, they are actors. Flame throwing artists of the half truth, hateful, hurtful purveyors of hate. They seek not to come together to form a common ground to improve the nation, but to tell their constituents two things and two things only...what to be afraid of, and who is to blame for it.
And all of this has resulted in strict party lines of voting, strict scripted attacks on each other and vengeful investigations and lawsuits that do nothing but shift the focus away from what they should be doing, and squandering the citizens precious monetary resources, most of the time in efforts they already know are nothing more than a public grandstanding waste of time.
And while Rep. Issa and Speaker Boehner mount their trusted steads in an attempt to lead us nowhere, one man has publically chastised their efforts as the boon doggles they truly are...and I leave you with his Facebook posted letter to the Speaker.....along with one mans thanks and a "Bravo!!"
We need more men like this to come forward and question the direction our government is headed, so that our course may be righted before they spin their wheels accomplishing nothing until the next election cycle...before they spend another four years sitting blithely by while our nations issues continue and worse yet, multiply. Here is the letter...and thanks for reading. Kimba

“Dear Speaker Boehner: Yay…you got the votes needed to pass a resolution authorizing you to sue the President. Just what we need…more acrimony, petty politics and ridiculous media spectacles. Mr. Speaker, by all accounts, you have been advised that the chances of getting your lawsuit in to a court are about zero. And, if you could find a partisan judge to hear your case, the chances of prevailing? Let’s just say we have a better chance of seeing pigs fly.
So let’s see how suing the President fits in to the grand scheme of things:
1. We have an unaddressed full-blown humanitarian crisis on our borders;
2. The Middle East is literally and figuratively on fire;
3. The Russians are shooting passenger jets out of the sky and seizing the lands of independent nations by force;
4. Our economy is fragile and ailing (I’m being generous here);
5. Our Veterans are being denied the basic promises we made to them; and
6. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.
Unfortunately, sir, this is a short list of the many profound issues facing our exceptional nation and you believe, as the 3rd most powerful person in our alleged leadership that the #1 priority should be to pursue a futile lawsuit?
An appalling, sad and a monumental embarrassment for our nation.
Mr. Speaker, feel free to pursue your folly but please understand that this registered Republican won’t send a dime to or cast a vote for any candidate that endorses this travesty.”  Robb Olsen