Friday, October 2, 2009


Fight the fights you can win.....advice the President would do well to take. Right out of the blocks, the President implements his stimulus package, the largest package spent since the WPA.
And while the country was reeling with the enormity of the package, and the fear which comes with creating the largest deficit in the history of the country, he runs straight to a health care package of gargantuan proportions. Why the rush? It could have waited a year or two until our economy got back on it's front legs, at least.
The debate which ensued as a result of the health care packages on the table has further polarized the nation, despite his calls pre-election to bring us all together.
As if that were not enough, Obama decides to make a potential Olympics hosting for Chicago in 2016 his responsibility. He invites Oprah (natch), the First Lady and takes Air Force One to Copenhagen for the selection process. We know know this was a dismal failure. And why not? Our economy is absolutely tanking since the previous administration, the country is divided like never before, and the citizens are in an uproar. Add to this Latin America has never hosted one. Slam dunk....we never had a chance.
And Obama notches another public defeat.
And all the while, the President we should have elected gets rave reviews for her work thus far as our Secretary of State. Could you see a Clinton administration making these bonehead mistakes?
Traipsing around the world in an attempt to convince the Olympic selection committee to make Chicago a host city?
Trying to rush a health care program through as fast as possible while the country is reeling from the trillion dollar deficit created from a stimulus package she created?
Getting involved in a local police matter, slamming the police department, then having a public beer party with the participants?
My party loyalty gets thinner and thinner the longer he serves.

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