Saturday, January 23, 2010


With the State of the Union speech to be delivered next week, President Obama will take center stage days after a crippling and awakening defeat in Massachusetts as his party lost one of the longest Dem Senate stronghold in the nation. So where does he go from here?
The overall theme must be "I hear you." I hear you, I understand your concerns, and as your leader, I am going to modify my vision of the nation to your wishes. In that vein, I am taking my short term and long term goals and agendas and revising them with the help of congressional leaders, both on the majority and minority sides.
First and most important is the state of the economy. Understand, I was catapulted into a situation that demanded immediate action. Not only demanded immediate actions, but demanded actions to save the economy that surely would be risky and wildly unpopular, and as your leader, I made them. I understand your concerns over the cost of the stimulus packages, but we had to do it to stop the economic downturn we were experiencing when I took office. Simply put, to do nothing would have crippled the nation. To let enormous conglomerates like AIG to go under would start a house of cards that would have effected every portion of the nation. To let the American car industry to vanish would have cost thousands and thousands of jobs, and take away a source of pride all Americans have enjoyed since Henry Ford himself. To let a majority of banks and financial institutions go bankrupt would have killed the savings of every American. I know it was spending money we couldn't afford...but understand...I was spending money we couldn't afford to spend. For the duration of my Presidency, this unfunded spending will stop. My goal is balanced budgets from here on in, and that will mean everyone biting the bullet.
Next is health care. I hear you. My dream was to insure every, woman and child. You have spoken and I have heard you. So i am taking health care off the congressional floors, and back to committee. I am not saying "not ever," I am saying "not now." The new health care goal is to insure every American under the age of 16, a goal we can easily accomplish...together.
Starting today, I am calling for a rapid redeployment of troops from Iraq and into Afghanistan. By the end of the year, I will reduce these troops in Afghanistan by 50%...I will bring the majority of our troops home. The savings alone will bolster the American economy, and the remaining troop force in the Middle East will be more than adequate to keep the peace in Afghanistan, and in the region should events in neighboring countries warrant our immediate attentions.
That's it... a very good start of his state of the union speech. It should be simple and easy to understand, and be grandiose promise free. Achievable goals over a two year period. I hear you, and we are molding our platform towards your wishes when prudent. Let them see the orator of old, and not the mud-stuck leader you have been. then go from there.


Papa Giorgio said...


If the State of the Union is bad... its Bush's fault!


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