Sunday, April 24, 2011


The document above is not new to us......yet the "birther" movement still rages on...including current front runner in the polls for the GOP 2012 presidential nominee, Donald Trump ( I love this fact....last time their VP nominee was a no-nothing press whore from Wasila, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and now, according to early polls, Donald Trump is ahead of career politicians / public servants Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee).

It is clear that President Obama is, indeed a native Hawaiian, so what is the problem? Why do these so called "birthers" hate the current President so much? Is it the inevitable philosophy differences between liberals and the far right? Couldn't be....this has been going on for a century. Each side has distinct opposite philosophical differences, and has since the parties came on the scene. Is it because his political philosophy includes a touch of socialism....a sense of wanting to help out his fellow Americans who need it? No, the liberals have long held this viewpoint. Do they truly believe he is a Marxist....a Muslim....or an enemy of the United States? They can't be that stupid....these beliefs would extend even their huge capacity of ignorance.

So, what's left....seriously, is it because he is black? Is this hatred merely a manifestation of their bigotry? When they goad Arizona Governor Brewer to clean out her state of illegal aliens, achieving the most aggressive sweeps of minorities since the rebel flag flew freely across the south...are they expressing their bigotry? When they say, "we need to take the country back," don't they mean take it back from anyone non Caucasian?

The answer is...who cares? We liberals need these idiots. We need them to hold their candidates hostage; to keep them very far to the far they are unelectable by any moderate. So, go Trump and your inevitable gaffes in the press, and go Birthers! You are about to the best thing you could possibly do for this country.....see to it President Obama is finish the job he was elected to do....reverse the damage his predecessor did in his eight year term...and get this country back to where we were when President Clinton was in office...financially sound and in good standing across the globe.

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