Sunday, June 5, 2011


Florida has mandated drug testing for all welfare recipiants, a move I whole heartedly agree with. Strange hearing this from ableeding heart liberal? Maybe....but it is only fair that the taxpayers, who fund welfare, be assured that their taxes are not getting into the hands of criminals.

Food stamps cannot be used for alcohol or cigarettes, and welfare money should not go to drug dealers. I have been calling for this for years now, and I cannot be happier. Florida gets it, and I hope the appeals from the ACLU get squashed. The sooner this movement goes national, the better off we will all be.

Will we save money? Of course not...the savings we may reap will almost certainly be negated by the cost of the drug testing.....personally, I would like to see all drug testing go to local colleges, who could certainly use the revenue, and have the students and resources to perform the testing.

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