Friday, July 22, 2011


I am all for reaching across the aisle. I am all for a bi-partisan approach to solving our nation's issues and obstacles, as the correct answer can usually be found within the middle ground, and the more sane, less radical elements of Congress.

However, President Obama has taken reaching across the aisle to mean bending over backwards. He has turned "kow-towing" into an art form.....keeping Gates on as Defense Secretary, completely keeping the Bush Middle East strategy, keeping the Bush tax cuts, etc. etc. He promised us change, and the only thing that has changed is he has completely lost any genitalia he may have once had.

It is time he realizes he may well be a one term president and start pushing the liberal agenda....and that starts with insisting on a two year moratorium on the Bush tax cuts targeting the rich (at least, if not a total reversal).

$4 trillion in added revenue is at stake. Good Lord, wouldn't that be more palatable than cutting Medicaid to the point that seniors will be too poor to get treatment? That our seniors will become homeless due to the medical treatment that may save (or prolong) their lives? That seniors will be forced to decide between financially devastating their spouses retirement, or receiving life sustaining treatment?

It's time that Obama finds whatever is left of his testicles and put his foot down with John Boehner on the tax cuts. The wealthy typically do not create jobs....Bush has proven...history has proven...time and time again,that tax breaks for the wealthy do not "trickle down," they just make the wealthy wealthier. Mr. President, you have the act like it, and represent all those that voted you into power.

Three years...three years of wishing my vote for Hillary put a real man into the Oval....instead of the apologetic piece of shit we have in office at present. Be a man and stand up for what you know and believe...if you in fact believe in anything other than breaking a color barrier at the top. Time is wasting, Mr. President.

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Art said...

I wasn't sure if he was getting absolutely nothing accomplished or if it was just my perception. Now I know it's at least two people's perceptions.