Sunday, January 8, 2012


There he is folks, your winner and still champion.....hold your nose and vote for Mitt Romney. The GOP slate of candidates is sooo incredibly weak that Perry still thinks he has a chance, and 2 nut bags like Paul and Santorum are in the upper eschelon. Blows my mind that a huge political party as the GOP consistently fails to promote a viable candidate for President.

Is it any wonder that the majority of pundits give President Obama's reelection an every increasing percentage of viability? Mitt Romney...someone without any passion except for self promotion...someone who would trade in his grandma for the Oval Office...say or do literally takes to win. It is only a matter of time before the press starts scrutinizing his performance of Bain Capital..and he will be clouded over with taint. Can you say four more years?


Art said...

The Wall Street Journal already did a story on Romney and his bailout money. Only 10% of the company's Mitt got involved with became profitable, and the government had to bail him out for the rest. Of course he and his cronys pocketed most of that.

Kim said...

Can't wait for his tax return....the "blind trust" handled by his lawyer / stashed everywhere including the Caymans(albeit legally)...100 million in an IRA...the guy is dripping with cash. How much digging will uncover some shady financial dealings?