Sunday, April 1, 2012


While the nation watches, or more accurately.......reads about (the court sessions are not televised by order of the court) the Supreme Court case over "Obama Care," I think it's time to discuss where the President went terribly wrong, while trying to do something terribly right.

Obama certainly had his heart in the right place as he sought to insure 40 million Americans who cannot get health care today. Most of the uninsured cannot afford the exploding costs for insurance to be sure, and in a perfect world the nation could afford to pick up the tab, but we simply cannot afford another expensive social program on the books. Obama claims efficiencies would make this program budget neutral, but I seriously doubt this claim. Virtually nothing is budget neutral coming out of Washington.

So where did he go wrong? In my opinion, when he caved in negotiations on creating a sense of competition in the free market, he killed it. The idea was simple. Anyone who cannot secure health care would be eligible to purchase a low cost form of Medicaid. Anyone would be eligible, and this would force insurance companies to sharpen their pencils if they wanted a piece of this newly formed pie.

Secondly, his notion that everyone would be mandated to get health care was a huge mistake. HUGE. Because taking away freedoms from Americans is never popular, and at its core is unconstitutional. And in doing so, he hurt small business, at its core just plain stupid in any economy, let alone our present condition.

Instead of forcing citizens to get health care, he should have shifted the focus to mandating the insurance companies to offer low cost plans for low income families....or they could go to government supported insurance...not for a full blown PPO, but a modest health care plan with moderate co-pays offering basic coverage.

Could it be he was so desperate to achieve a bi-partisan effort on health care he threw the baby out with the bathwater? I would say yes. And considering the almost universal criticism of all or portions of the Affordable Care Act, he certainly failed to get a return on the investment. He gave up way to much and got nothing in return for his efforts.

And he is about to pay the price for it as the Supreme Court is about to at minimum, bitch slap the President in public, and at worse, give him a public taking to the political woodshed.

The decision will be 5-4 and John Roberts will jump hurdles in order to write the opinion. This is one of the decisions that will be studied for generations to come. Judicial versus Executive powers. Conservative decision versus progressive president. A good idea poorly executed in my opinion.

And that is the world........."The World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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