Saturday, May 5, 2012


No new ground here....regular readers are well aware of my stances on previous measures to adopt "sin" taxes on legal behaviors. They are inherently discriminatory and thus,  unconstitutional. Well, California is at it again with their proposition 29, which will impose an additional $1 tax on each pack of cigarettes, and an equivalent tax increase on all other tobacco products.

Surprisingly, I do not see a measure to increase taxes on alcohol (for alcoholism cessation studies), saturated fat (for obesity research), use of petroleum (to fund green initiatives) or any other measure taxing behavior unhealthful to us, but legal none-the-less.

Discrimination is discrimination, and this measure must be stopped. Please vote no on proposition 29, regardless of how you personally feel towards smoking. This is not about smoking per se, it is about individual rights and unfair harassment by groups with hidden agendas. read the proposition, if enacted, they  will not even have to spend the windfall revenue in this country. no on proposition schmuck...number 29.

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