Sunday, July 22, 2012


 In the wake of the barbaric acts of atrocity planned for months and perpetrated by a deeply disturbed doctoral candidate, we must look back, yes. But we must also look forward and ask ourselves how we can prevent these instances that have become all too prevelent in our country. Colombine, Virginia Tech and now Aurora, our youth in America are acting out in unspeakable ways, namely the taking of multiple lives in order to gain fame and seeking the help they so despirately need.

He wasn't born to do this. He had every advantage in life...a loving middle class home, a nuclear family with conservative parents and a superior intellect that resulted in degrees and recognition with honors.
So while the question being asked across the country and the world is WHY? My question is WHO KNEW? Someone knew this young man needed help. Someone knew there was something going desperately wrong in his life. A Phd. candidate who suddenly quits school, goes online and orders enough weapons to carry out a personal war....someone knew he was in trouble.

There are so many people out there amongst us who desperately need help. We need an anonymous National Mental Health tip line so that these people can get the help they need before another tragedy like this unfolds. I don't know what this would look like, or how this could be enforced or investigated, but doing nothing will ultimately cost more innocent lives.

The real tragedy is that someone knew this guy needed help. Someone could see the signs.....friends, family, an educator, a healthcare provider, an employer....someone knew this guy needed help. But they didn't know who to call, or what to do, or were afraid to get involved.

A national helpline would be a first step. A data base of names of people who may need help, of people whose lives were going sideways. A data base of names to check before selling someone a roll magazine bulk ammo accessory that would allow someone to fire off 100 rounds per minute. A data base to check before selling someone thousands of bullets online, and bullet proof vests, and a gas mask and all the accoutrements this disturbed young man acquired in order to commit this atrocity.

We cannot remain silent any longer. Someone knew......and the cost of their silence(s) can be seen in Aurora and Columbine and Virginia Tech and on and on.... We cannot afford to stay silent any longer.

God bless all those who personally experienced this horrific event...may they find peace. God bless the victims who will recover and God bless the ultimate victims, the unfortunate people who through no fault of there own died at the hands of this troubled soul (some pictured above). Good people who died...because someone least someone should have known...and either didn't know what to do, or chose to do nothing. Someone knew what we all know now. This man was a time bomb waiting to go off....and he did...and hundreds of lives have been inextricably altered because of it in a horrific and brutal way.

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