Saturday, August 11, 2012


Now that Romney's choice of a running mate is official we should take a look at Rep. Ryan and his threat to re-election. Certainly he is a very appealing choice for anyone right or ultra right leaning, but how does he look to the entire chessboard of voting groups?

He cannot bring his home state to Romney....Wisconsin goes Democratic every time.
He will solidify the seniors against the conservative push to voucherize Medicare and increase the age for Social Security benefits....he is the leading force behind the gutting of all senior programs they laughingly call a "Blueprint for America"....good bye Florida!
His vote against the Ledbetter fair pay act, solid conservative views on birth control and pro-life stance will certainly not endear him to women.
He is a career politician and a 14 year veteran of the most unpopular groups in American history...the House of Representatives.
His resume is solely made up of being on the public payroll. He literally  knows nothing of business, except the business of spending the public's money....he cannot relate to the plight of the American middle class.
His personal charisma score is zero. Zero.
He claims (and reclaimed it this morning at their announcement) that we get our American way of life from God all the while endorsing the Darwinian approach that we guarantee "equal opportunity, not equal outcomes."
His budget plan will force thousands and thousands of currently employed teachers, police officers, firemen and many other public employees to the unemployment line....his budget takes the austerity approach that will not work, suppresses economic growth and is currently devastating European countries as we speak.
He will further the income gap, lowering tax rates for the wealthy while the middle class remains too weak to infuse the economy as consumers.
His budget plan axe will affect every governmental program with the exception of the American military....deep, troubling cuts which will affect every citizen not fortunate enough to be a member of the  uber rich.
He is what he is...Romney's way of shutting up the Tea Party who hates him and threatens him behind closed doors.

So in short...on behalf of the Democratic party...thank you Mitt...and BTW...we heard you proclaim Ryan the next "President of the United States" truly are a Mittwitt.

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