Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am so tired of the vitriol shown to our President and the liberals in general by the conservatives. They criticize everything President Obama has ever uttered and anything his pen has ever touched....across the board.
The conservatives have used previous congressional rules to filibuster against and block bills attempting to improve and judicial appointees who would reduce the judicial logjams we current experience. Anything...anything this president has attempted to do as part of his vision-the exact same vision that the majority of this countries citizens voted to approve-they have blocked.
But the truth is, if this was a conservative government in the Oval office with the exact same record as President Obama, they would be bragging about it as conservative victories....victories such as,
increasing jobs and reducing the unemployment rate
avoided a second great depression
cutting into our national debt and deficits
college student tax cuts
ended "enhanced interrogation" methods
created 4.5 million private sector jobs in 2010 alone
collected over 10 billion in fines levied to the oil/coal industries
fined BP 4.5 billion for the oil spill in the gulf
banned BPA in our plastics
levied severe fines to the financial sectors for mortgage fraud
required foreign banks to disclose American accounts and taxed them accordingly
abolished don't ask don't tell and ended the ban on females in combat
cut prescription drug costs by 50% for Medicare recipients
economy now growing and the stock market at record highs
saved the US auto industry
reformed student loan program
tax cuts for 3.5 small businesses
HealthCare for millions without coverage
no penalty for pre-existing conditions
children under 25 can stay on parents health plans
7 million homes with solar panels
green industry loans and cuts to spur on business starts
chemical agreement with Syria who is destroying weapons
nuclear agreement with Iran including inspections
and on and on....
The worst President ever? If there were a conservative President in office, they would be touting this record as one of the best records ever. And if the liberals in congress had the same record as the conservatives over the past two terms, the conservatives would be screaming bloody murder.
 Lib-tards my ass. Go screw yourselves. You aren't fooling anybody.
And that's the world...the World According to Kimba.
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