Saturday, March 14, 2015


I understand the GOP's reticence towards entering into a nuclear agreement with Iran, I really do. They have shown a repeated pattern of behavior unworthy of trust or respect when it comes to their defense capabilities. Trust but verify will certainly be warranted, and that should go towards trusting  the sitting President (and the State Department's) ability to negotiate an agreement.  After all, the current effort to negotiate the easing of sanctions in return of the elimination of Iran's efforts to becoming a nuclear power is a multi-national effort. But I get it...caution must be taken.
However, the GOP never shows
 caution, or diplomacy, or statesmanship for that matter. They rush to judgment, they rush to action and they frequently look foolish when they do. But never and I mean never in my forty plus years of following current events have I seen two efforts so poorly conceived or carried out as the invitation of the Israeli Prime Minister to address Congress (who blatantly used the Republican leaders as a last ditch effort to save his job), and the incredibly insipid and inaccurate sending of a cautionary letter to the leaders of Iran involving the negotiation process.
They have made world wide laughing stocks of themselves again.
John McCain said it was rushed because another snowstorm was headed their way and the 47 signers wanted to hurry up and get home. Ridiculous. Ridiculous invitation, ridiculous letter and a ridiculous excuse. And they wonder why they get no respect from the electorate....they embarrassed me and the entire nation. Good job.
And that is the world...the World According to Kimba. Thanks for reading.

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