Saturday, September 19, 2015


I have kept silent over the past few months in regards to the few religious business owners who refuse to have anything to do with gay marriage....conduct the ceremony, make the cake, take the pictures. I get it, it is against your religious beliefs and the core principles that make up the "free to choose" you. I do get it. Shame on you, but I get it.
It's one thing to deny gay couples their rights, it's good fodder for discussions in eighth grade Ethics classes all over the country. It's been going on fact they are the last class of Americans whom the government openly discriminated against, until recently. Until now, it was merely the inconvenience of finding an open minded baker, or photographer, or clergyman.
But if your chosen profession is to carry out the law, if your sworn responsibility is to follow the directives of the courts and the established law of the land...then you don't get to pick and choose which laws you will follow as if you were at a cheap Vegas buffet. No one gives a shit about your religious your sworn duty. Upholding the law does not have a religious preference clause.
So a clerk in a southern state refuses to issue gay marriage permits. That is bad (and illegal) enough, but apparently this clerk is taking her illegal actions to the next level. Reports are coming out that this governmental clerk is now modifying official paperwork rendering gay marriage licenses worthless.

Her name is Kim Davis and just look at her. She couldn't possibly have had a good childhood. You can see it. She wasn't voted "most likely to succeed," or danced with the football star at the prom. She wasn't the most popular at school, or any where else for that matter. You can see it in her face. But she, like many others, had the church. And we can now see just how thoroughly devoted and compliant she is to her religion.
Personally I think the lawyers have gotten to her. And religious leaders as well (she is pictured below with Mike Huckabee, erstwhile Presidential candidate and self appointed political religious keeper of the guard) . She is going to have one chance for fame, one chance for respect, one chance for some recognition in her shitty little life, and here it is. And she is going to hold onto the brass ring for dear life.

She has the chance for fame, possibly write a book and make a ton of money, be a hero, go on Oprah...or even better in religious a martyr. Look at the look at her face above...she is being led to believe she is the next Rosa Parks or something. She thinks she has the opportunity to go from trailer park to the history books. But, truth be told, the only place she should be headed is to jail. You can't use your Bible to disobey judges and their orders.
But having said that, does anyone really think jail is a deterrent to her compared to her (perceived) potential rewards? She is an unattractive middle aged nothing clerk in Tennessee and she is married to a man who, when hearing that he is about to be on television...slips into his "good" overalls.
I think three things...jail doesn't mean a damn thing to Kim Davis,  this isn't going away anytime soon and if you are Mike Huckabee and are running for an office which requires an absolute sworn oath to the Constitution of the United States, maybe, just maybe you should stay the hell out of it.
That's my world...the "World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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