Thursday, December 3, 2015


Another mass shooting, another opportunity. Another opportunity for the social media to assault our eyes with an endless stream of posts regaling us with their political views.
Would it be so bad to agree on a 72 hour moratorium on the endless stream of political blather and allow us to reflect and grieve?
Would it be OK if you waited a few days before you see another mass shooting tragedy as an opportunity to publish your opinions on guns?
Would it be all right if you waited a few days before you danced on the victims graves waving your political banners?
Could I, as a human being, be allowed to reflect and grieve and be numb with emotion over another tragedy in what was once a proud nation?
Because, I don't know if you heartless bastards noticed...but people died yesterday. Fourteen of them, including two peace officers. Heroes all. And for every death there is twenty to thirty people at minimum who are grieving their losses...families trying to cope in stunned horror as their lives were inexcusably changed for the worse. Children longing for their parent. Spouses trying to cope with the loss of their life partners.
Because, I don't know if you heartless bastards noticed...but people died yesterday.
And so would it be OK if you resisted the opportunity to express your political blather until the bodies cooled?
There were 355 instances of mass shootings in this country this year alone. Didn't you get your point across immediately after the first 354?

Could you find it in your cold, unfeeling heart of hearts and first and foremost realized that the important thing about yesterday is that innocent lives were lost....before you published your continuous stream of crap about how you...own guns, want to keep your guns, want to control guns, want to hug your guns, want to outlaw guns, want to remind us that the guns didn't trigger themselves or how everyone should have one strapped to their waists along with their cell phones?

You think the perpetrators are cold? Look into the mirror and stop. Just stop.


Art said...

The problem is, if we paused for 72 hours of silence every time this happened, we'd never speak.

Your first reaction to something like this is you want it to stop. So you start talking about ways to make it to stop.

Bush, Jr. is the first one I remember to say, "Now's not the time," and Republicans have recited his line ever since. That's because there's nothing that can be said that they would want to hear.

Art said...

I just noticed something. I was reading your "Feckless Near Seattle" post about the Oregon community college shooting.

It's from October 1...the very day of the shooting.

I have no point here, just something I noticed.

Kim said...

Nothing gets by you, does it Art? Foisted on my own petard, as it were.
I'm just tired of the rhetoric. I'm tired of the same old arguments over a situation that will only get worse. I see no way out of this...welcome to the new normal.
I am not anti-gun, I just think it's a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency...especially the wrong people. And our politicians do nothing, as they did today with their votes.