Friday, January 1, 2016


Many of my readers may be surprised at my pick for person of the year...some may be appalled (and I sincerely hope you are). But one person has done more for this country than any other. As the leading candidate for one of our two major political parties in all polls, he has proven that you need not have any political experience at all to be considered for the office. None at all. But that is not why I nominate him as my person of the year.
In 2016, he came roaring out on the presidential campaign trail with his unfettered personal views...anti-immigrant, anti-minority, misogynistic, bigoted and hateful. He calls nearly everyone stupid and incompetent, slanders every opponent in his way, and bends the truth like an old fashioned blacksmith bends a molten hot piece of metal.
He has waged the lowest, most hateful campaign every seen in modern times, all the while egotistically boasting of his enormous talents as if he were the messiah. Everything will be fixed, everything will be huge. No nuance, no specific plans, just empty promises and an endless supply of attacks. But obviously this isn't why I name him my person of the year.
My nominee has done this country an enormous favor. He, and his staggering amount of  pre-primary supporters have given us a gift...a sobering look at what our least nearly a third of it is.. truly is at the moment. A scared, bigoted, hate filled populous willing to follow a man who looks down on women, hates minorities and criticizes every portion of our government. He spews his venom from the top of the mountaintop and people follow. And a lot of people are following...and the rest of the country shudders at the thought that so many people might actually agree with him. Might actually vote for him.
He has, in a very short period of time, shown us what this once great nation has least what its lowest common denominator believes in their hearts. And for that reason alone, I name Donald Trump as my 2016 person of the year. Good Lord help us all...

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Art said...

I was surprised it turned out to be Donald Trump. I thought you were about to tell me Howard Stern was running for president.