Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Just a few quick notes based on my observations leading up to Super Tuesday....

Jeb Bush didn't deserve to be treated that way. He didn't deserve to have a career in public service irreparably scarred and finished as a result of running for president. He didn't deserve to be permanently tattooed as soft or weak. But that is how the GOP does it--they eat their young. Don't misunderstand me--Jeb Bush is a terrible campaigner--but he was a sane, nuanced voice in a race in seriously in need.

Speaking of which...I love the back and forth between Trump and Cruz...Trump calls him a baby and Cruz responds with a video of Fat Bastard....they are both correct.

The GOP's refusal to consider any appointee for SCOTUS is the ultimate in low. To go a full year with a four to four deadlock is unconscionable. Obama must appoint a reasoned, moderate appointee that would make the GOP look like the ridiculous gamesman they are...with the cost going directly to the nation, not that they care.

How can Marco Rubio do so poorly in Nevada? He is a former resident, a former Mormon, a Hispanic and a reasoned voice from a party that has none. How could he possibly lose in every voter differentiator? To a bigoted blowhard like Donald Trump? The Mormons and Hispanics should have voted you in by a landslide.

Asking Hillary to provide the notes from her every speaking gig without mandating any other candidate to do so proves what has been obvious for three decades--if your name is Clinton, you will be subject to effort after effort, slur after slur, investigation after investigation based on nothing, and more unjustified attacks--baseless attacks than any politician in American history. And she survives. Trey Gowdy and Darrel Issa have spent every second of the past three years trying to get something--anything--to stick...and have wound up looking like impotent fools.

Why on earth is Bernie Sanders doing so well? A Democrat in name only so he could run for president--a man whose only platform is Wall Street sucks, a man who promises the world and can deliver nothing. A man who consistently fails to say he will need Congress to pass his every promise--promises that will cost billions and billions? Initiatives that will be dead on arrival on Congress's doorstep.  He is trying to play the electorate for fools--Wall Street is going to pay for everyone's college tuition? Do you think we are stupid? Do you really think your every answer for every problem is to throw money at it is going to work in the long run? Sanders for a much bigger government? Great platform to run on...

Why is the main opposition to Clinton a "trust" issue when she is the only one giving nuanced answers and plans to improve without promising "pie in the sky?"

The GOP has to get losers Ben Carson, Kasich and Cruz off the stage as soon as possible. Especially if they want to defeat the ignorant juggernaut named Trump. Or they can continue their decade of nominating unelectable candidates such as Romney, McCain et al.

Have you looked at the people actually behind Trump? No wonder he was screaming "I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED!" the other night. Water seeks it's own level. Right--Mexico is saving up to build your wall--just in case you get elected. And oh, by the way you vapid ignorant prick, have you noticed the drug runners have become quite the tunnel engineers?

 As Obama was fond of saying, it is silly season. And I am getting a migraine. What has happened to this country? What has happened to the collective intelligence of the voting electorate? Because unlike the leading GOP contender...I do not like the poorly educated.

And that is the world. The "World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading...and voting and caring...and for gawd sakes...for thinking.

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Art said...

I can overlook the fact she kept the secret locations of our Green Berets on an unprotected e-mail server that was accessible by the cleaning lady. I can even overlook the fact she personally strangled Vince Foster. Claiming she was dodging bullets with Brian Williams in Bosnia, however, is greatly disturbing.

I've never heard what happens if we just don't vote for anyone? Business as usual, I suspect.