Tuesday, April 21, 2009


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has declared his candidacy for Governor of California, hoping to succeed Arnold Schwarzenegger. Newsom, a relatively fresh face on the political scene the past five years, announced his intentions in a very modernistic way...on Twitter. The Mayor will have his share of competitors out there, with the names of no less than Barbara Boxer and Antonio Villaragosa to contend with, although undeclared as of yet. Newsom's platform will include creation of green collar jobs, marriage equality for all, the experience of creating "Healthy San Francisco," an early form of universal health care, and 5 years of balanced budgets for the city of San Francisco. Not only balanced budgets, but the creation of "rainy day reserves" which were set aside for emergencies, such as we are going through now with the current economic situation, which have so far staved off the need to reduce teacher rolls or increase class sizes in S.F. Powerful arguments all.
And, he speaks Spanish...but does he speak union? As the unions go, so do a mass block of voters in the Golden State, the majority of which are Spanish speaking, and a major asset of Villaragosa, should he decide to challenge the Mayor.Not to mention Villaragosa's connection with the Democratic party, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, with a formidable Rolodex of fundraisers.

Youthful, smart, and experienced. Gavin Newsom from San Francisco, an attractive candidate for California Governor indeed, in what is already shaping up to be an interesting campaign season. I am not ready to declare, but I am intrigued at the prospect.

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