Friday, April 24, 2009


So, mere blogging isn't enough for you. You want to take it to the next step. No problem. First step is an audio podcast, an embedded recording, which can be played on an MP3, or posted to your blog. Interested? Check out talk shoe. All you will need is to sign in, possess either a computer with a microphone or a mobile phone, and something to say.
Still not enough? You want your face plastered all over the Internet don't you, you narcissistic idiot? YouTube is a good first start. Sign up, record and post. This vehicle is normally reserved for shorter, quick videos. You can post pretty much what ever you would like, a joke, a song, a poetry reading, or a stupid cat trick. Your entry can be easily accessed by anyone with an interest, and can be easily posted on your blog as well.
Not enough? You want your own "show" don't you? You do live in a fantasy world. Well, not any more. Ustream is the free video pod casting platform for you. With UStream you can record your own actual TV show (starring you of course), or set up a 24/7 feed that is accessible to all. One such podcast is a stream of live termites. With Ustream, all you need is a computer with a web cam and a microphone and you are off and running.
You can do a live feed broadcast, and viewers can type in questions or comments during the broadcast. Check out on of the regular amateur shows, by someone named Chris Pirello. Practice up and you might get become as good as Bob Kushell, who broadcasts from his Van Nuys California garage, and actually books stars for his 5 minute "shows."
Pod casting, the social networking platform of the future, available free today.

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