Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Honestly, if Obama had appointed Jesus Christ himself, the conservatives would have a problem with his appointment to the Supreme Court (too socialist, turning blood into wine is sadistic, etc.). Besides her quote on how she will bring her unique circumstances into her judicial perspectives (which is apparently bigoted, because she said it would be a good thing to bring a different perspective other than of a white male), the conservatives have gone so far as to complain about the quote she gave in her senior Princeton yearbook (above courtesy of Slate).
"I am not a champion of lost causes,
but of causes not yet won"
Norman Thomas (a known socialist)

Here is the Democratic response. She is a Democratic MODERATE.
You got lucky. It could have been much, much worse.
Obama showed restraint in her nomination.
Besides we have the votes already so go screw yourselves.

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Papa Giorgio, M.A.T.S. said...


Yur right, compared to the photo of the guy below this post, she is a moderate.