Saturday, May 2, 2009


Obviously the fears over Vice President Biden have come home to roost ten fold, as he is humanly unable to let an given thought go unspoken, regardless of its ignorance. To date, the Biden Vice presidentcy has produced only an endless string of gaffes and slipups. On the other hand, the fears over Hillary Clinton....she will push her own agenda, you won't be able to keep Bill out of the limelight (or the Oval Office), she is not a team player, etc. etc., have proven to be as ignorant as a Biden off the cuff question and answer session. She alone has been the only true perfect note in the first 100 day symphony. She hit the ground running, she has pass blocked for the President, and she has been welcomed with open arms (and minds) all over the world. Don't tell me President Obama does not have regrets.


Papa Giorgio, M.A.T.S. said...


Biden went home the next day on a train... not to mention during the filming of this answer to the question, he was in an enclosed recording studio. Funny.


Kim said...

There is nothing "funny" about Joe Biden sitting so close to the oval. There is nothing amusing about stupid. Biden and Palin....making a mockery of the VP position. maybe it's time to eliminate the job altogether and make the next successionary position the sitting parties Senate leader.