Friday, July 17, 2009


While modern day "journalists" seek to incite, he sought to educate. While today's "journalists" slant the news toward their individual political beliefs, he knew the news was the thing, and he sought to stay out of its way. It was, he was, always about the news, and not about his celebrity.
In many ways, he was a comforting, stabilizing voice for many ways he was the voice of America. He rarely editorialized, but when he did, America listened. When he stepped out of character and declared the Vietnam war a stalemate, then President Johnson declared, "when I lost Cronkite, I lost the country."
Walter Cronkite was simply the gold standard for what he did. He transcended what he did....he so defined what he did he became the nation's most trusted newsman, and the first television journalist to be coined an "anchorman." Walter Cronkite, sadly, dead at the age of 92. And that's the way it is.

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Papa Giorgio, M.A.T.S. said...


In case you were wondering why I didn't do a tribute to Cronkite, here is a bit of my reasoning. First, I am an amateur history buff on Vietnam, I started with Cronkite's Vietnam VHS series. I bought the whole thing from Time Life when I was a youngster. Since then I have evolved and grown and realized that politics (especially politics of the Left) played a big role in how this conflict was presented. Which leads me to the second reason, Cronkites goals.

Here I downloaded this video from a New World Order wacko and Isolated it from his weird views.

This video is not an Illuminate conspiracy... it is merely a worldview on display, and when people treat it as something other than a giant scheme, and know how to compare and contrast the Free Market system, then we will make progress. There is a time for these persons however, 2 Thess 2:1-12.

(Cronkite quotes Pat Robertson who had these verses in mind), enjoy this video with the mindset that this is an unhealthy worldview that is being displayed in health-care and other business takeovers: