Friday, December 4, 2009


As you can see from the chart above, unemployment, although unacceptably high, seems to have stablized, and for the first time in over the two years of recession, we have attained a level of stability in the workforce. As was the case in October, the leading positive was in the temporary help sector, which nonetheless indicates a need to increase workforce levels based on demand. Needless to say, retail with the holidays nearing have played its part as well.

President Obama has held a forum on economic growth with the nation's top business leaders focusing on job creation, which is the next step to a full recovery. But can or will jobs be created if the banks are hesitant to loan capital?

Say what you want about President Obama (and I have said plenty), we do seem to be weathering the storm under his leadership, whether a result of his efforts, or despite them. With elections fast approaching, and his opposition hoping for his failure, I would say he is doing about as well as can be, or could be expected. He was put into a situation unlike no other President in recent history, and little historical success stories to draw examples from. For now, FOR NOW, I vow to leave him alone and let him keep on with his agenda. I think we all should reserve judgement until at least the second quarter and see if he can spark some economic growth.

Let's be fair about this....he was thrown headfirst into an economic quaqmire for which many would not have been quite as successful as he has. For his (nearly) first year, I would rate him a solid C+

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