Saturday, August 20, 2011


Short post to think out the parent of a soon-to-be fifteen year old; what kind of future have we created for our children?
The economy sucks, so no employment.
We have allowed them to create a lexicon all of their own based on texting, so they cannot assimilate into the job market, or be taken seriously.
We have allowed them to enter a technological cocoon with their mobile devices. They are oblivious to the immediate intimacies of their world, so they do not value, or desire any real social interaction, especially with anyone they do not know, limiting their world.
We have virtually eliminated the reading of books (printed on paper), thus creating a YouTube generation.
We have deteriorated the educational system, so we are graduating semi-functional illiterates. They are not "generation X," or "generation Y," or anything other than what must be labelled "generation fucked"....
And that's the world..."the World According to Kimba."
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Art said...

It's just a world we don't recognize. Texting and "LOL" and staring at a glowing screen all day and night IS the world they'll be entering, so they're self-taught. Here in Georgia some school systems are even stopping cursive writing instruction because they say kids are more likely to be writing purely by keyboard in the future, so they're replacing cursive with typing.

Nothing has been the same since David Lee Roth left Van Halen, but amazingly, the world is still spinning.

Kim said...

Don't want to brag my friend, but as a resident of the La Crescenta /La Canada area (So Cal) growing up, I watched the Van Halens play many a party growing up. I saw them when their band was called Mammoth. They would play virtually every weekend somewhere. When they started getting gigs at the Troubador, we couldn't believe it; we always thought their music was slightly gay at the time, and never paid them much attention. Fools!

Art said...

Wow! Really?! Now THAT is the kind of stuff I'd love to read a post about! I've always found it strange that as huge as they became, I've never read anyone saying they remembered them from their pre-fame days and sharing any stories.

It sounded slightly gay? In a Elton John way? The rumors these days are any gayness may have been David Lee Roth's influence, but even if the rumors are true, Dave is still The Man.

I thought you were from Vermont and only moved there later?

Kim said...

Wow good memory...I am from Vermont, and during my senior year of high school and college days I lived in So Cal....
There were quite a few parties in those days, and Van Halen would play almost weekly for a while there to get some practice.
Those were harder rock days, and they hadn't really found their edge yet. Sorry, I don't remember who fronted for I say, me and my buds really didn't care for them.

Art said...

Eddie sang originally, until his brother Alex finally told him he stunk and they should get someone else. They rented a little PA from David Lee Roth, who was also in one of their music classes at Pasadena City College, and so they got him in the band. When they found out there was another band named Mammoth, Dave is the one who said Van Halen should be the band name. I only know all of this from magazines and books, though, not reality.

Kim said...

This would have been in their high school days. Funny, I never knew they went to PCC (Pasadena City College), a puny little college whose only other claim to fame is as a breeding ground of almost all of the Rose Bowl princesses...wonder if they de-flowered a couple during their PCC days?

Jennifer said...

Re: your post - have you ever seen Woody Allen's movie Sleeper? Back in the early seventies, he envisioned that in the future we'd have to rely on the "orgasmatron." I think we're definitely moving in that direction. Since communication and everything else is pretty instantaneous these days, kids are not learning how to delay gratification. A useful skill that we can no longer take for granted.