Saturday, August 13, 2011



2011 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)
1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)
2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

4. Senator Rick Santorum (1657, 9.81%)
5. Herman Cain (1456, 8.62%)

6. Governor Rick Perry (718, 3.62%) write-in

7.Governor Mitt Romney (567, 3.36%)

8. Speaker Newt Gingrich (385, 2.28%)

9. Governor Jon Huntsman (69, 0.41%)

10. Congressman Thad McCotter (35, 0.21%)

This is too good to be true! Iowa actually picks the strangest, wierdest, "no chance in hell" candidate...Michelle "pray away the gay" Bachmann. This is someone so completely stupid she actually thinks the only thing we need to do to completely eliminate unemployment as we know it is to ........wait for it......eliminate the minimum wage. Moron! I love it!

WTF...did they legalize marijuana in Iowa? It sure would explain yesterday. Their political selection criteria in the past decade completely defies logic. Keep up the good work...

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Art said...

I can't believe I see so many news reports on this woman and that she seems to be taken even more seriously than Mitt Romney. I first became aware of her when Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's VP, and she was on CNN rah-rahing the choice. James Carville pointed out Palin's lack of experience and that her mayorship took place in a building that looked like Louisiana bait shop. Bachmann responded to everything saying, "That's sexist," like she was programmed. Carville rolled his eyes like he wondered where they found this schizo. Three years later, she's an actual presidential candidate. Turn out the lights! This country has had it!