Saturday, November 3, 2012


I never had high hopes...I never understood the fervor that brought him into office. He was a one term Senator from one of the most corrupt states in American history. I just didn't get it.

I passionately supported Hillary Clinton. She had the brains, the experience, the courage and the pedigree...the nomination should have gone her way. It almost did. But the strangest thing man of African-American decent captured the hearts, souls and  imagination of the American people, and a wave of political fever overtook this great nation. And it all started in Iowa. unlikely place as any for it to happen...the job was hers...she had earned it. It should have been a "two-fer"....a great President guided by the last man to sit in the Oval office and balance a budget. She deserved her place in history.

I never predicted his claims of hope and change would come true. It was well beyond his control. It would have taken the absolute cooperation of a group of people who hated him like no other political opposition before. A political group of political opponents who held a meeting while he was placing his hand on the Bible...and the agenda was how to ensure that son of a bitch failed.

He had no chance. We were fighting two wars....anti-American sentiment never higher and increasing....banks were institutions were about to go belly up....he was left a huge deficit from a man who took office with a balanced budget and the potential for a surplus.....real estate market on it's knees...devastating job losses (800,000 the month prior to his taking office)...and the American auto industry was given its last rites.  And his Speakers of each congress were Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb fuck. He was screwed from day one. I don't even know why the GOP even bothered to have a meeting...the sonofabitch didn't have a snowballs chance in hell...and the snowball was an American economy moving down the hill picking up steam....and at the bottom of the hill laid a second American great depression.

But he made a believer out of me. Against unprecedented opposition...and unprecedented hatred by conservatives....he staved of fthat great depression and crafted a slow, consistent recovery. He brought the auto industry back from the dead. The signs are less than enviable, but they are there just the same. The economy has been growing, jobs have been created, consumer confidence is back, the stock market is fully back, and millions of formerly uninsured Americans can go to a doctor again. He made it easier to go to college,and put an end to predator college loans. He has kept us safe, kept Al Qaeda on the run, exacted revenge for the victims of 9/11, ended one war and is moving towards ending the other. He has passed many meaningful pieces of legislation, including the Ledbetter fair Pay Act.

What's more...he has made every effort to bring this country, this government, this political party system back together. But they wouldn't have it. They did everything they could do to see him reach his "Waterloo"...even if it meant four hard, cold years for the American people.

Even under ever-increasing odds against him, he kept his head up and kept pushing forward. And he did it with a grace and coolness of demeanor impossible to achieve by a lesser person. He showed his medal...he showed his love of family, and country, and the people struggling to survive during a very difficult economic environment he didn't create....but it didn't stop his opponents to try and hang him with it.

In my opinion, he has done an admirable job despite tremendous odds...despite forces...formidable forces... united in an effort to see him fail.

I didn't get it on day one. Didn't get it after year one. But I get it now. He has done an admirable job. He has made me proud again. It hasn't been perfect, but overall, he has done an amazing job given the condition of the country on day one.

And for what it is worth, I stand before you proud to endorse the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama for President of the United States. And I do it without reservation, or hesitation. I do it with pride. I hope you join me in this effort.

But no matter of who you choose to spend your precious vote on, get out and exercise your right to vote, a right that was bought and paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of your forefathers. Do not squander it...and don't let anyone diminish the value of that right, or the power of your vote.

God Bless you and your family. And God bless America.
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