Monday, December 24, 2012


If you are exposed to any media you have been inundated with the current "negotiations" of the impending (and tragically  misnamed) "fiscal cliff." I have sat on the sidelines observing commentary on both sides of the  aisle as what more is there to there an angle, a perspective that has yet to be voiced? Until now I would answer with a resounding no. Until now.
As the President and Speaker break for the holidays and have what Obama has described as a cooling  off period, one thing is very clear...the president is a political genius. No, really...hear me out.
First, he defeats the incredibly popular and experienced Hillary Clinton in the primary despite having a resume anyone  would admit is slightly light in the loafers by any standard. And he starts his victorious run right out of the Iowa. Iowa. A black man carries Iowa.
Second, he decimates his opposition and wins the Oval Office handily, reigning in four years of a presidency that sees the economy spit and sputter, the deficit balloon and foreign affairs explode, ending with an American diplomat dragged out  of our embassy and summarily killed. And yet he achieves what many thought was impossible...he seeks and wins re-election.
And now that he has a mandate and his reelection totals still warm, he seeks resolution of an economic  recovery program which includes that which the vast majority of conservatives have vowed not to do...raise taxes on anyone, let alone the very people who heavily  funded their failed attempts to "take their  country back"...the  filthy rich.
And so here we a White House room with Speaker Boehner waving his index finger at the Pres, and the president waiving another finger back at Boehner. You see Obama knows what most conservatives fail to see...the American people see the GOP as the stumbling block in the negotiations....and if anything goes wrong...if they fail to reach agreement....and if the across the board tax cuts end....the American electorate will hold Boehner and the GOP to blame.
The president has become elected with  little to no experience, was reelected to office despite an economic spiral, and now has managed to transfer ownership of the very economic condition he did so much to shape over the last four his opposition.
The man is an economic genius....even Bill Clinton has to marvel at his Teflon coating.
And that is the world...."The World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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