Saturday, December 22, 2012


While many have lambasted NRA chief La Pierre for his idea to have an armed policeman patrolling each public school,I think it's a great idea. I live in an affluent area, and my daughter's high school has a patrolman there every'd never know he was there,except for a patrol car parked out in front (or two some days).
It warns intruders of a police presence and it gives the students the opportunity to get to know the police for what they are...brave public servants who are there for them (and not the enemy) also gives students the opportunity to ask them for advise, or help at home if they need it.
Don't think we can afford it? Sure we can...we'll just add the costs to gun registration fees and the price of bullets....just like the sin taxes on tobacco, gun owners can foot the bill for the potential for disaster public ownership of weapons present.
The NRA wants guards at every school? I say bring them on...we need more law enforcement in every town.....especially since we can now afford them due to the generous offer by NRA chief La Pierre...thanks,bud!
And that's the world...."The World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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