Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yo Yos are a very efficient way of generating power, and iPhones don't really need all that much power to charge. So what's the problem with this idea? I'd even say that it's several times cooler, more convenient, and better for the environment than a solar powered charger. What remains to be seen is whether or not you can actually get enough power out of one of these things to charge your phone easily.

This piggy-bank-style device (called the "Power Hog"), aims to teach children about energy cost and conservation. The tail plugs into an outlet and any electronic device like a video game console or TV, plugs into the snout. Children deposit coins into the hog, which grants them 30 minutes of use. The dollar signs on the side of the Power Hog turn green when electricity is available and flash red when the time is running out. The coins are kept inside just like a piggy bank, so children are learning about the cost of electricity and about saving money.The Power Hog is marketed to parents who want to teach their children that electricity isn't a free, never-ending resource as well as those who want a clever way to limit TV time. The product is made from recycled materials and is 100 percent recyclable itself.
This is from Soliant Energy, a solar power unit that is produced at half the cost. The reason? Silicon is expensive these days, and traditional solar panels need a lot of it to convert light to energy. But two of the great opportunities for expansion in solar is using less silicon, by concentrating light on smaller panels, and increasing efficiency by tilting panels to follow the sun. These roof-mounted units created by Soliant Energy do both of those things, with no external power equipment necessary. The item above is called the 'heliotube.' It's a tube of glass that concentrates the sun's rays onto a very thin strip of silicon solar panels at the base of the tube. The tube is then connected to a frame in blocks, and the frame uses the power coming off the panel to tilt the tubes to track the sun. These panels use 88% less photovoltaic material, but are almost as efficient per square foot as traditional solar panels.

This is Hulu. It is a web site that will let you watch a ton of TV shows and movies, etc. at any time you want. Best yet, it gives you the option to watch a two minute commercial before viewing your selection, and watching everything else commercial free. Commercial free....I mean totally free. I am rapidly becoming a Hulu freak. This is obviously the wave of the future of television viewing. No more TV Guide, no more DVR recordings, complete freedom. And since today's entertainment does not compare to earlier television (at least in my eyes), I would much rather pick off a repeat from the past than watch whatever pablum they are showing today (with rare exceptions). I highly recommend Studio 60 Live on the Sunset strip (one of the most unappreciated shows ever in television history in my opinion...and a classic Aaron Sorkin production). One West Wing episodes.

This is the GigaPan, a computer you hook up to any compatible camera, and you can take amazing high resolution panoramic pictures. Click on this link, and zoom in. You can practically read the bands sheet music. Cost? $400.00.

Just five examples of American technology that can infuse the economy. None of them are earth shattering, but certainly examples of how we will bust our way out of our current economic doldrums, and five examples of why we need to focus our educational system on math and science if we are to stay ahead of the game.


Jennifer said...

This YouTube video will show you how to charge an iPod using an onion and 2 cups of Gatorade.

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Did you watch the Indoctrinate U documentary?

Speaking of science and math... it won't take long before you realize (in this debate) whom is the intelligent one, the guy defending the status qua, or the guy trying to change it: