Thursday, March 26, 2009


Kansas Senate bill 160, which passed Wednesday in the Kansas House of Representatives, and if approved in the State Senate, will triple the wages of over 15 thousand workers in Kansas, effective January 1. That's the good news.
The bad news? As you may have guessed, it is to the state minimum wage, which currently is an abysmal $2.65 per hour. Should this bill pass, it will forever hook the states minimum wage increases to the federal level, and start at $7.65. Democrats have tried unsuccessfully for several years to raise the minimum wage and listed the effort as one of their top goals this year in the House.
There still is some resistance to the idea. "Minimum wage legislation is a bad idea. It is lousy economics. It is no economics at all. It is inflationary. It is counterproductive," said Rep. Mike Kiegerl, R-Olathe. "It hurts those it is intended to help and most of all it destroys jobs."

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