Saturday, September 5, 2009


As if our priorities weren't mis-aligned enough, here is a hot topic issue for some people causing quite a bit of uproar, including a petition demand on the Internet.
We are waging two wars, the economy was in the tank (and coming around slowly), people are so upset with proposed health care bills in Congress they are actually becoming violent, but what is the number one issue for some readership? IKEA, in their newest catalog changed the font on their cover from sans serif to verdana (see covers above). Shocking, isn't it?
They have a good mind to call their wait......they apparently don't have a good mind at all. Get over it folks. First, you are making a mountain over a molehill over a type face, and two, you are considering buying build it yourself furniture which comes complete with picture only directions only a cryptographer would understand. And that doesn't even take into account the furniture will come complete with fasteners which only fasten for the first year or two.
If I had two months to type it and two blogs to contain it, I would tell you the store of how the first thing my bride and I did after getting married was to go and purchase an entire master bedroom worth of furniture from IKEA. Up until that point, she thought I never cursed or became angry......what an eye opening weekend it was for her; witnessing my trying to put that crap together! That was fifteen years ago, and my knuckles are just about healed by now.

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