Monday, September 7, 2009


Reagan, Bush and Clinton did it and there was barely a peep out of anyone. No protests, boycotts or concerns. What did they do? They gave a public address to American students extolling the benefits and importance of education. So when president Obama prepared to do the very same this week, the administration was dumb founded at the hysterics that ensued in anticipation of the speech.
Will he be actually pushing the "liberal" agenda, or perhaps sending subliminal messages to our youth turning them into socialists and fascists? This is the cumulative intelligence of a large swath of our nation, including our educators. The paranoia surrounding president Obama is as palatable as it is ignorant.
Local school districts are scrambling to react to parental concerns; pre-screening of the video prior to allowing their students to view it, the creation of acknowledgement and permission slips, and creation of non-viewing rooms, safe havens for students wishing to avoid the Vulcan mind meld certain to be attempted by our leader. Ridiculous.
Here is the introductory message from ".....the President will talk directly to students across the country on the importance of taking responsibility for their education, challenging them to set goals and do everything they can do to succeed."
Seems innocuous? Of course it is. Rather than worry about what innocent attempts made by the President to motivate and set priorities for our children, maybe...just maybe the school districts should worry about the true road blocks towards the development of our children's minds.....their association with closed minded and ignorant parental role models, who seek only to demean the prestige and history of the Presidency, as well as push their paranoia towards a black man / socialist / Hitler fascist in the White House. They say the apples never fall far from the trees....for the sake of our country, I hope they hit the ground running and roll far, far away from the tree.
Face it, our children will hear a myriad of voices out there; some intelligent, some foolish and yes, some dangerous. If you have foregone imprinting your personal issues on your child's mind and concentrated on creating thinking, rational human beings, they will be able to come to their own reasonable conclusions.
Have a little faith in our leaders, and a little more in your childrens ability to separate the chafe from the wheat. And let's put an end to the silly season that only distracts us from making our own reasonable conclusions to the important issues our nation currently faces.
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