Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Random thoughts on current situations while Congress was enjoying a 40 day vacation....
1. I love the town hall process. Every Congress member should be forced to hold one town hall meeting every month so we can all attend and yell things at them, at the very least.
2. I am so sick of hearing about the health care issue, I am literally getting sick, only I couldn't afford the ludicrous $50 co-pay over the weekends, so I manned up and stayed home.
3. Who the hell gets a 40 day vacation from work?
4. Two groups of people who need to be taken out of the health care system...lawyers and insurance companies.
5. So Sarah Palin quit...am I supposed to care?
6. Say what you want about his alcoholic days, Teddy Kennedy gave his heart and soul to this nation. His death deserved the attention.
7. Not to be cruel, but I am so happy they have laid Michael Jackson's body to rest. There must have been easily twenty thousand hours of programming just on his death alone.
8. While i am on the subject, Larry King has made a career going from one freak issue or celebrity death to the next...OJ, MJ, Heath Ledger, and on and on..........
9. There hasn't been enough talk of the positive economic indicators so far after Obama's first 200 days. He has stopped the bleeding, and can move on to other things.
10. Cash for clunkers didn't work...my clunker didn't qualify.

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