Tuesday, January 1, 2013


While many may see last nights Senate vote on the "fiscal cliff" as a presidential victory, one must consider the substantial concessions he made in order to get this done. And while any basking in the afterglow may stroke his ego (witness his speech from the White House yesterday), he must realize the fight...the real fight will take place next month when he will go back to the well (no pun intended) and ask for a vote to raise the  debt ceiling.
That's when the GOP are going to dig in their heels and insist on true and substantial spending decreases,especially in terms of entitlement spending.
In light of these upcoming negotiations, his speech yesterday taking the GOP leaders out to the woodshed may not have been his finest hour...it certainly had little upside, politically speaking.
Yes, he will be "the man" for four more, but in order to get things done, he needs to work with Congress and be a little more magnanimous. Be a little more respectful, and stop trying his case(s) in the media. 
Congress has not shown the propensity, either in ability or attitude, to be able to negotiate a trip to the mens room, let alone any significant measure. His speech yesterday did little or nothing to stop this trend...in fact, he angered GOP leadership to no end, and you can bet your bottom dollar (again no pun intended) that they will remember this come February.
Congress has pressing issues on their agendas....important issues to take up and negotiate, and the presidentt can / should take a leading role in their negotiations. Leadership will be required from a man whose leadership skills are solely lacking at times.
They have a lot of  issues to consider....immigration reform, tax reform, medical tort reform, job creation and unemployment, gun control, filibuster reform, gerrymandering, prescription drugs, healthcare, offshore tax havens, carbon taxes and raising the debt limit yet another time.
This is the time for Obama to show some leadership, to summon the ghosts of presidents past (especially the ones he claims to idolize...Lincoln and Kennedy) and get Congress to follow his lead.
Because when it comes to being a leader, show me a man who can't get people to follow him and I'll show you a man just taking a walk.
Now is  time the time, Mr.President...to shape your presidential legacy. It's time to lead, or just take a walk.
And that is the world...."the World According to Kimba."
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