Sunday, January 27, 2013


A movement, a silent movement that has been waged for over a decade, is now being fought in earnest out in the open and it's an effort to takeover this great nation from the hands of the people.
Now wait....this is not a  nonsensical conspiracy theory.....except that it is. The conservatives have fought to set up districts to heavily favor conservatives through gerrymandering, they set up voter ID laws to insure that a large swath  of people could not vote (heavily dominated by the poor and elderly.......and liberal), they set up the Supreme court to tip overwhelmingly right- then used it to empower corporations to flood the election process with unlimited amounts of cash, and now they are moving towards a radical change to the electoral college to make liberal strongholds like Virginia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania less punitive (and less powerful) to the conservatives at election time.
I can certainly understand their frustration, these are states with republican legislatures yet voted their states to Obama in 2012.  This latest movement would, instead of awarding all of the state’s electoral college votes to the presidential candidate getting the most votes in each of these states, under the proposed plans most of the Electoral College votes would be awarded to the winner in each congressional district—and thanks to Republican gerrymandering of those districts, such a scheme would be a windfall for Republicans.
The movement rages on while most are sleeping...or focusing on cosmetic issues that will never be fixed by legislation...gun control, immigration and the like.
It's time to wake up people, before it is all way too late because this movements victory is just outside of their grasps. The same hands that have established super-majority requirements that guarantee congressional stagnation and a filibuster rule that keeps good legislation from even receiving an up or down vote. And they now want to control the election process, in effect changing our two party system down to one.
Wake up America!
And that's the world....the "World According to Kimba."
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