Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been silent about the terrorist attack at Bengazi and the horrific loss of American lives that ensued. I have been keeping current on the events and as such, have drawn three conclusions....
1. Immediately after the surprise attack, the State Department for some inexplicable reason tried to call it anything but what it was; a heavily armed, heavily planned act of terrorism....they blamed a demonstration, a spur of the moment action motivated by a movie that just happened to coincide with the events of 9/11....what are you kidding me? They were in shock, they were in disarray and looked amateurish.
2. Considering the cache of weapons used, I am not sure any of our embassies could within a full scale attack the likes of what they experienced in Bangazi. This was an act of war on our embassy the likes of which we haven't experienced in modern American history. Could they anticipate trouble? Yes. They blew it. But considering the amount of people you would need to hold back an insurgency this size, is it fair to expect the State Department to proactively arm the embassy to this extent? Should the Ambassador been ordered to evacuate the embassy just in case there would be a problem? You be the judge...I say these are not fair expectations, and unfortunately our Ambassador and others paid the ultimate price. They were heroes, to be sure. But they knew the risk, they were well aware of the daily possibility for an attack, but they volunteered anyway and served despite the risk. God bless their souls.
3. Hillary Clinton is one incredible woman. She took complete blame and responsibility for the whole mess. Yes, it is part of her job title, but there is plenty of blame to go around. And so when she went up to the hill and testified she knew she was about to be excoriated. Publicly disemboweled by foaming at the mouth Republicans who couldn't wait to get their hooks into the Democratic presidential candidate in three short years. Couldn't wait to take her to the woodshed. Matadors waiting to put their banderillas into an admittedly wounded bull.
But she went, and she held her own...she showed a competency and a strength rarely seen in modern politics. She is the real deal...the stuff of legends. She continues to serve her country well in a huge impossible job. A job so complex, so enormous in scope....and all at a time when many parts of the globe are in many parts of the world a powder keg waiting to ignite.
Interrogated by Senators incapable of assuming the all encompassing position of Secretary of State, and certainly incapable of performing to the level of Hillary Clinton...we will miss her in the role...but I am very glad she is about to get a very well deserved rest.
And that's the world...the World According to Kimba. Thanks for reading.

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