Saturday, October 5, 2013


So here we go folks....Congressional foolishness part two. The last time they did this it ended in our countries credit rating going down, costing us a fortune. And they are at it again. Foolishly using an appropriations bill, and soon a vote to increase the debt limit....which BTW does not increase our spending, but pledging that we as a country will pay back the admittedly enormous amount of money we (they) have already a political bargaining chip.

A bill which will raise the limit and help put our creditors at ease that we will pay off our bloated credit card bill, has become a tool to hammer each other with....a bill which has been used to tack on additions against abortion and women's health, as well as delaying the starting date of a healthcare bill, now law for at least one year, if not altogether.

Increases in the debt limit have gone on for decades....a true bi-partisan history which have gone on through all of the modern administrations. So what's different now? The Tea Party...the so called "Suicide" fringe, enabled and emboldened by congressional Gerry-rigging to ensure they will get easily much so most of them run unopposed by the minority political party.

These minority members of the House are holding the government and the American economy and the American people and their own House leader (John Boehner)...hostage.  They are using this government shut down to make a statement about spending, and it has made this country a laughing stock again (as depicted by the magazine cover above).

Instead of the political blather and vitriol we are hearing coming out of the Beltway these days, do you know what we should be hearing? An apology.

An apology for putting hard working government workers out of work. An apology for a governmental representative body which has been rendered impotent. And an apology for the money...our money which they have squandered, and are now threatening to not pay off.

We deserve an apology, or they deserve to be shutdown as well. Because at the end of the day, we are the American people...and we vote. You work for us, and you'd better get your collective shit together, because another election is coming down the tracks, and we don't like what you have been doing. We vote, and if we paid for performance, you wouldn't get a paycheck, you would get bills.

Bills for making a mockery out of a once proud nation. A bill for ignorantly trying to balance a budget on the backs of the poor (remember when we fought wars on poverty (Food Stamps aka SNAP)  instead fighting wars on the impoverished?). And a bill for taking away the one currency we have always counted on...pride in the government of what was once, the greatest country in the world. You get a up assholes. You can start by axing the additions to the debt limit bill and passing it on a bi-partisan basis like we have for decades now, regardless of which party was in power.

Then you can apologize, hat in hand, for destroying our government by waging political penis size contests.

And that is the world...the "World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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