Sunday, October 27, 2013

According to a CNN report, over 50% of all fast food workers rely on public assistance due to a lack of full time hours and low pay. McDonalds, the corporation with a heart came to the rescue...with the sample budget so their hard working employees can exist on their $8.50 an hour, and have established a help line.
"McResource" is a help line (supported by franchises), which endeavors to help their employees  securing public assistance for food stamps, heating bills, medical expenses, transportation, child care and education, all on the public backs.
What a gesture...can't afford to pay them full time hours with benefits, can't afford to pay out a living wage, but can afford pathetic gestures like the ones described. All the while reaping in enormous profits year after year after year.
Look at the budget above...two salaries, rent $ insurance $20....heating 0 (good news workers in Chicago)....and car payment $150 a month. What is this budget based on...1970? What an insult.
This is just one of many corporations (Walmart, et al) that should be held accountable for their employees that have no option but to apply for public assistance despite being employed. How ironic....hire a bunch of hard working Americans, pay them too little to afford to feed their families...and have them make food all day long.
Hey McDonalds....the next time you tell ME I deserve a break today...pull your corporate heads out of your arses and take a look at your workforce...THEY deserve a break everyday.

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