Monday, October 14, 2013


Technically it's called McCutcheon vs. the FEC, but sane people are calling it Citizens United 2. What it is is the biggest assault on the value of your vote and on the democratic election process, in the history of the republic.
It is a Supreme Court case seeking to eliminate caps on political spending, limitations on someone's ability to give to any one candidate. Presently capped out at $123,200.00, this case, left in the hands of the conservative dominated court could very well raise this to $3.5 million.
Influence for sale....bought and paid for. They can buy ad times, control the content, frame decisions and discussions, control the candidates and otherwise become so powerful that you can buy the seat at the table, push their agenda and shape the entire background of politics...who runs, who gets elected, what they vote for and against, the sky's the limit. So bring your bag o' cash to the Beltway, because pretty soon, democracy will be for sale.
Citizens United 2...if you didn't see this coming, you just weren't paying attention.

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