Saturday, October 4, 2008


CNN-TV released their poll of debate watchers, here are the highlights:
Who Did the Best Job in the Debate? Biden 51% Palin 36%
Who Was More in Touch with the Problems of People Like You? Biden 50% Palin 44%
Who is More Likely to Bring Change? Biden 53% Palin 42%
CBS Poll of undecided voters: Biden 46% Palin 21%
Is Gov. Palin Qualified to Serve as President?
Before the debate: Yes 42% No 54%
After the debate: Yes 46% No 53%
Is Sen. Biden Qualified to Serve as President?
Before the Debate: Yes 78% No 19%
After the Debate: Yes 87% No 12%

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Mark said...

So called leadership has closely not only bankrupted the economy but American world status of approval has diminished. The crap that has gone on the last 7 to 16 years (depending whatever side one takes) is deplorable. Scary is not who wins or losses in November but the finest generations of do something "good" is diminishing. Apathy and ignorance is running amuck. TV images, sound bites and controlled persona have taken over where clearly few want to hear truth. Polls give a snapshot based on particular questions but only hard choices with responsibility can bail us out. Strange, 80 percent believe we are on the wrong track. 50 percent can't tolerate each other where we have become of nation and it's not my fault and deserve prosperity without paying for it. Entertainment has become God. My hope is the next generation: a fourteen, fifteen year will learn from horrible mistakes and put us on the straight and narrow. Thankfully we still have the gift of freedom and a right to pursue happiness even if means not being aware how wonderful this is.