Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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If you had cosmetic surgery with Dr. Craig Alan Bittner, there's a chance fat sucked from your butt went right into the fuel tank of his SUV. Bittner called his thigh-test fuel "lipo-diesel." We call it revolting, but we're also stepping out on a limb and calling his bluff.
It seems some investigators from the California Department of Public Health (not to mention the state Board of Registration in Medicine and a host of other agencies) wanted to talk to the Beverly Hills "liposculpture" specialist but found he'd skipped town. reports Bittner has shuttered his medical practice on Rodeo Drive, and his website notes that he's moved to "Bogata" (sic), Colombia.
Using fat to fuel cars might be environmentally friendly, but it's definitely illegal in California to use human medical waste to power vehicles, and Bittner is being investigated by the state's public health department. Although it's unclear when Bittner started and stopped making fat fuel or how he made it, his activities came to light after recent lawsuits filed by patients that allege he allowed his assistant and his girlfriend to perform surgeries without a medical license. It isn't a stretch to think that someone could use human fat to make biodiesel. After all, any animal or vegetable fat contains triglycerides that can be used to make diesel. As notes, a gallon of fat yields about a gallon of fuel, and Bittner was awash in the stuff.
"The vast majority of my patients request that I use their fat for fuel — and I have more fat than I can use," Bittner wrote on his website,, which has since been taken down. "Not only do they get to lose their love handles or chubby belly, but they get to take part in saving the Earth."

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