Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is not offensive, this is a training exercise to see how long our Olympic swim team can hold their breaths. So he smokes pot. Big deal, so has Clinton, Obama, and Bush II. We need to get over this crazy preference of alcohol to pot. As long as people do not operate a car impared, what is the difference? A gateway drug to other drugs? Sure it is, because you made it illegal along with heroin and cocaine. So, if you want some for home use, you go to a dealer, who also sells harder drugs.
Pot needs to be grown commercially, sold over the counter and taxed. The last time I saw the box score on the "war on drugs," we were getting our asses kicked. We need to stop making criminals out of people who prefer to smoke rather than getting drunk, which makes you more impared, and violent (at least for some). You do not see pot smokers on skid row, but you sure do see alcoholics.
Let's stop sending the money spent on pot to Mexico, Columbia and elsewhere, when we need the money, and tax revenue at home. They are going to buy it anyway, so why not regulate it like we do alcohol, tobacco, or the rest of the harmful products that we currently have legalized?
And get off Michael Phelps (if the picture is in fact him, and not some big hoax).


Papa Giorgio said...


That is a really nice bong Kimba. I would say it retails for about $300 or more. In my "hay-day" i had a bong made by the guy who makes them for the Ventura chapter of Hell's Angels. It was a dual-chamber bong. Smoking out of a good bong increases your lung capacity... and all this time I thought his bloodshot eyes were from the chlorine. I guess November -- which is when the photo is from -- is the busiest month for professional athletes (Olympians) to play. Nothing going on and there is a long break until they have any drug tests. He is young and has been on a grueling schedule since he was knee high... a bit of relaxation is in the books for him... his "role model" days are over though. Which sucks, because many a good person passes on political office of teaching (or something else) because of their past. Such is the way we think, good or bad.


Kim said...

I would like to think we are passed that. Everyone 50 and younger knows the truth regarding the risks involved with pot and alcohol, especially if you are stupid enough to drive on either. Most of them have indulged at least once in the 70's on.

The past three Presidents have admitted to smoking pot at least once (and all three to trying cocaine, although that is a horse of a different color). As inane as the Clinton response was (I never inhaled), the Obama response was enlightening (I inhaled frequently.....that was the whole point).

In my day (graduated H.S. in 1974), we took 12" long tubes of heavy gauge clear plastic and tapped a hole to screw in a bowl on one end, and that was it. You covered one end with your mouth, and the other end with your hand as a carb. When the cylinder filled up, you let go with your carb hand and whammo.

I kind of miss those days, although by the time I reached college, I could see it just made you fat and lazy. But if an 18 wheeler passed me and my family on the freeway doing 85, I hope he was stoned and not drunk. At least you can function on pot.

Jennifer said...

I completely agree. Marijuana should be legal, but the fact is that at this point in time it is not, so if you get caught with it, you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences, no matter who you are. I would think, though, that the Wheaties people or whoever it is who employs celebrities like Phelps, would be hard pressed to find a spokesperson without a bong in their past (or present).

Kim said...

You are right, Jennifer.

Phelps learned a hard lesson; namely that his friends are not really his friends. He was obviously very comfortable with whomever was behind the camera phone, and didn't stop to realize the money that can be made with a photo of him in a compromising position. And those are the consequences...not legal, but monetary.

And yes, it is Wheaties who pays him a small fortune to be on the box. And while he may lose the Wheaties endorsement deal, I understand he has been receiving some substantial offers from Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes.

I crack me up.