Saturday, February 14, 2009


Don't do it, Barack, it's way too risky. Remember the circus days, you don't want this. You'll have her husband in the spotlight, and she will be taking on her own agenda. He has made way too much money since his Presidency and he'll never release his Presidential library donor list. Bad risk, Mr. President-elect, don't do it.
Well, here we are in February, and who is perhaps the only cabinet appointee who hasn't reigned drama down on your newly elected head? Sailed through the confirmation process. Appointed a career diplomat to deal with Pakistan, Afghanistan and the rest, then talked a political legend into being chief special envoy to the Middle East, with an emphasis on Israel.
Held five press conferences, and is planning her first trip abroad as SOS already. And not the usual patty cake visits to England, France and Lichtenstein. She's going to Asia. OK, not exactly like Coretta going to Memphis after the assassination of Dr. King, but she is going to Japan, and China, and possibly India. She is going for the gold.
And you haven't heard a peep out of Bill. Released his library donor list, and by the way, apparently paid his friggin' taxes. How's that for a cabinet appointee surprise? Bill and Hillary Clinton, the riskiest of all choices, turns out to be your best choice. Ready from day one. And not one shred of drama between them.
While the rest of your appointed kangaroo court are turning out to be a badly written soap opera. Do you think your extensive vetting process should have included if they were up for special criminal investigation (Richardson), or unable to say they paid all of their taxes (Geithner), or are in such a bad way with their financial portfolios and tax evasion cases, they had to step down before being pushed out (Daschle, et al.). Maybe some these appointees should have done what Bill did and release his records, or at least given you a heads up.

OK, Mr. President, you got a victory, your stimulus package has cleared its way to your desk. But you and Emanuel need to tighten up your administration, and stop with the daily gaffes and political embarrassment. You need to get organised, and you need to move on past these setbacks.
Ask Bill and Hillary, they will know what to do.
And that is the world.....
"The World According to Kimba"
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