Sunday, November 15, 2009


They are the hottest toy of 2009, an $8.00 interactive hamster that makes 40 sounds and squeals, and inhabits many, many accessories.....all at an extra price, of course. They are ZhuZhu pets, and they go forward, backward, drive a car, and roll around your floor in its own ball. Check out the video and watch the toy that COULD take over the world like tribbles took over the U.S.S. Enterprise...

Only one problem, the stores (Walmart, ToysRus, Target, etc.) are completely out of them. No one, but no one has them, believe me I have checked...over and over again. The clerks are sick of me asking. Getting one of these is like winning the lottery, except for one place, the mighty Internet.

Oh, they are available on the Internet, EBay and on line retailers, except what would be $8 at Walmart are fetching upwards of $50 a piece, and more for the highly coveted three pack, in different breeds / colors / names of course.

The manufacturer Cepia Toys, a very small manufacturer, is straining to produce more before the holidays, and it says shipments are increasing up to the holiday shopping season. They just had no idea these would prove to be so popular until they test marketed them in Arizona, and by that time the die was cast.

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