Sunday, November 8, 2009


Late last night...late on a Saturday night, the House vote on health care took place, which to no ones surprise, passed by a narrow margin. One.........yes, one Republican voted for it. Most, but certainly not all Democrats voted for it, no surprise. The bill now goes to the Senate for its up or down vote, which in Obama's mind should take place by the Christmas break. Speaker Reid came out and declared he would not be driven by a time line, a guarantee that we are looking at late January.
Most would think that I, a left wing liberal would stamp my vote of approval on this bill and send it to the Senate, were I a member of the House. And while I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the uninsured, I would have voted no...for the following reasons.
1. It's too soon. What's the rush? This is not the nations highest priority, not in a sour economy.
2. We have elections coming up next year we need to win. Any whiff of taking on more debt right now will go over with the American electorate like a fart in church.
3. It has failed to garner any bi-partisan support, and will appear to be ramrodded through by the liberals, who will be solely responsible for its success or failure.
4. It uses taxpayer funds to perform abortions (although severly hampered by an earlier vote, it still gives loopholes).
5. You have failed to convince the American taxpayer it will be revenue neutral.
6. It is anemic on tort reform.
7. It's too big...1900 pages big.
8. It mandates forced health insurance on people...we are supposed to be free.
9. It will hurt small business.
10. It makes government bigger, not more efficient.
11. It does little for wellness other than provide talking points.
12. The tax increase on millionaires need to go towards more productive agenda items.
13. It has dominated Congress for months, when they should have been focused on the real issue killing the nation, and the nation's economy...JOB GROWTH.
14. and most importantly: It will put a smile on the Botox supported mug of Nancy Pelosi, the joke of the Beltway.

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