Thursday, November 12, 2009


President Obama will embark on an Asian tour next week to visit the major players of the Asian community, with China in the forefront. Potential hot button topics with China include their involvement or help in reducing; global warming issues, North Korea's nuclear capabilities, trade imbalances, and China's money system (Yuan) which undervalues their currency through devaluation and makes it impossible for us to compete around the world with them in trade.
Although we all hope Obama can make some headway, many if not most journalists are warning us he has no clout to push any agenda at all, thanks to our current situation. Our economy is tanking, it is hypocritical for us to talk about pollution, the trade imbalance is largely of our own doing, and our cold war mentality over the past eight years with foreign countries hostile to us has exacerbated situation with leaders hostile to us.
Yup, we have zero wait. We (Obama) has the ULTIMATE cloud over China. China holds over 800 Billion dollars in bad debt from this country, in the form of American bonds. If we tank, they take it in the shorts. China has a huge stake in this countries success, or failure, and they know it. In fact, China has been begging us for three years now to guard the value of the dollar with a death grip. They have counseled us on over-spending and building enormous deficits. In fact, one might say they seem to care more about the health of our economy than our own government, which is more than willing to spend and spend, regardless of which party is in the White House, Bush or Obama.
So, unless they are looking to foreclose on our country, they better had listen to us. or accept pennies on the dollar for their 800 BILLION dollar investment in our little country. Take that and put it in you lead based paint, suckers.

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