Friday, September 25, 2009


I get it. We are spoiled Americans. We are spoiled and demanding, and if you happen to be our chief executive, damn near impossible to please. We Americans have taken criticizing our leaders to a near Olympic sport. And while there are many better at the endeavor than me, I think I should at least get a bronze for it myself.
So when President Obama kowtowed to the Russians and cancelled plans for installation of a U.S. missile shield in Poland, I was one of the ones taken slightly aback....until I remembered it was U.S. built and probably didn't work anyway, so who cares. Besides, screw Europe, kissing Russian and Chinese asses should be the top priority anyway.
But Obama has rebounded. The U.S. has made two decent level terrorist arrests on U.S. soil, so i guess he could take some of the credit just as the conservatives do when they say Bush kept us safe after 9/11. Nice to see we haven't let out guards down.
And two days ago in a speech at the U.N., he gave a tough speech on a variety of subjects........telling the world to stop expecting us to carry the water alone in the world, a push for more trade parity and cures for climate issues, but these were the easy issues. He also demanded that Israel stop bulldozing and creating more settlements, which will destroy any hope of a long lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians.
And that wasn't the biggest issue on his plate this week, he also spoke tough to Iran. At the G20, he spoke tough to Iran with other leaders fully behind him; France, Britain, Germany and yes, Russia, but with the full expectations that China will join in and align themselves with us once and for all in regards to their big time trade partner, Iran. Maybe this diplomacy stuff works?
You see, the CIA has been monitoring a huge nuclear site in Iran for the past four years now (what the hell was Bush doing...still stuck to the chair in that elementary school classroom?). They have been monitoring it, it is embedded into a mountain range, and by all accounts, it is massive. Too massive for any peaceful purposes.
So solid was the evidence, Iran even admitted they were building it, a giant step in dealing with the nuclear issue in the Middle East. At least they can now speak candidly.
So next week when talks with Iran begin in earnest, Iran will realize they are running out of any meaningful friends in the world, and should consider a plan "B." Next week, they will see that the threats of embargo's and sanctions are real, and their backs are against the wall.
All in all, a pretty good week (for once) for our chief exec. Keep up the good work. And that is the world...."the World According to Kimba." thanks, as always for reading.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


"Anyone wishing to purchase health insurance through the Medicare program can do so with no restrictions on age, or preexisting health condition(s). Health coverage shall be free for children under 12 years of age and adults over the age of 70. Health insurance rates will be levied on a sliding scale dependant on personal assets and income. From this day forward, Medicare will be completely self sufficient and will operate as an independent financial organisation. These individual rights will be guaranteed for any legal citizen of the United States, and cannot be denied by any agency of the US government."
Instead we will get a watered down tribute to the insurance companies, who will reap the benefit of their political contributions, and can anticipate a share of 40 million new customers; financed by the federal government, with absolutely no competition or compulsion to do the right thing for their insured.
The insurance companies will reap record profits, as will the drug manufacturers based on their new spoon-fed customer base. They will continue to raise rates despite providing no value or service, and will continue to control costs by denying medical tests and services, as well as dropping anyone in need of expensive medical treatment.
Because something is better than nothing, right Mr. President?
This is not about the uninsured anymore...this is about saving face (yours). Hillary tried to rewrite the health care system herself, and failed. You learned from her mistakes and instructed Congress to come up with their own plan, and it failed. Now we have found a bill that will written extensively by the insurance lobbyists, completely devoid of any sense of competition to them, or giving them any impetus to act in a humane, less greedy fashion.
In the words and wisdom of Toby Ziegler......
"I am so sick of Congress, I could puke."

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Massive crowd marches against Obama's agenda -- la "Tens of thousands of protesters marched on the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, airing a wide range of grievances rooted in a shared sentiment: seething anger at President Obama and his far-reaching agenda.
Led by a fife and drum corps in period costumes, the demonstrators filled Pennsylvania Avenue and swarmed the Capitol grounds with a sea of bobbing placards and hand-lettered signs that spelled out a catalog of dissent.
There were antiabortion protesters and term-limit advocates. Critics of financial bailouts and the federal investigation into CIA interrogation techniques. Marchers who were worried about rekindling inflation and upset about the soaring national debt. Pickets opposed to Obama's health care reform plan and challenging the legitimacy of his election.
'Is This Russia?' one sign said. 'Traitors Terrorists Run Our Government,' read another. 'Don't blame me. I voted for The 'American,' ' a third stated.
The protest -- touted by organizers as the largest-ever outpouring of political conservatives -- was organized by a loose-knit coalition of anti-tax, small-government proponents, and widely promoted by sympathetic voices in the blogosphere and on TV and talk radio. Park police declined to provide an official crowd estimate."
Not exactly a MENSA convention judging from some of the signs pictured above....."Obama care....hands off my body" (yes, we are for mandatory abortions and want to dictate which doctor you go to), "you can't fix stupid," "save freedom, stop Obama" (save freedom by limiting CHOICE on health care--obviously an Aetna employee), "armed and dangerous...with my vote," and "the greatest communist President ever."
There hasn't been a larger collection of morons since the last graduating class at Arkansas High School. But, at least they want to be heard, they care, and there were no Obama pics with Hitler mustaches.
What we need desperately to see is a group of uninsured families to assemble and march on Washington, complete with their children. Then, and only then will you see that Obama is desperately trying to protect good people, good citizens and their kids health. Then, and only then will you understand what the fight is all about. Not taking away rights, not insuring illegals, not federally funding abortions, and not deciding who lives and who dies. Just speaking out for Americans....40 million of them who need a little help providing healthcare for their families, and providing a little competition with the insurance companies who actually ARE getting away with murder (financially at least).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last"........and with that President Obama, arguing for his political life, laid down his health care plan, incorporating elements from each parties preferences.
Seeking to clear the air of the rumors and half-truths and seeking to address the American people once and for all with one cognisant plan, Obama called a joint session of Congress to lay his cards on the table, as it were.

The speech was truly Obama-esque, taking on the role of leader and teacher, author and facilitator, and at times taking the assemblage to the cloakroom for a good old fashioned scolding. "I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan than to improve it." To those who have sought to make short term political those who characterized this initiative with calls of death panels.....those are outright lies."

While the audience was mainly civilized, it was this last inference that brought about a significant amount of boos from the conservatives in the chamber, but this was not the topper of the evening. Promising that his bill would not mandate guaranteed coverage for illegal aliens, Republican Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina, shouted "LIE!" One could only wish the Representative would have missed the speech, opting for a hike along the Appalachian Trail with his counterpart, Governor such luck.

The bill as outlined by the President, will be a bi-partisan bill, if not due to the Republican votes it garners, but the Republican wishes it contains. No funding for illegal aliens, no funding for abortions, real tort reform, a guarantee of no additional additions to the deficit due to this plan and a renewed free market sense of competition between a not-for-profit public option and the individual insurance companies, especially in regions where there is none. The remainder of the bill re-established previous wishes of the cancellation due to pre-existing medical conditions and no coverage caps in coverage.

Will one speech garner support from Republicans? Probably not, but then again, he won't need their votes, as long as he was able to solidify his party solidly behind his plan. Will the conservatives answer his call to join him in a unified, bi-partisan effort to finish off the details of this bill? Time will tell, but without question, the pressure will be on them to quit bitching, roll up their collective sleeves, and get this done. For me, on a scale of one to ten, ten being best, I would give it a nine for content and a twelve for leadership skills. This is the man this country has been waiting to rally behind, confident, assertive and up lifting. I for one, was impressed.

And that is the world...."the World According to Kimba." thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Random thoughts on current situations while Congress was enjoying a 40 day vacation....
1. I love the town hall process. Every Congress member should be forced to hold one town hall meeting every month so we can all attend and yell things at them, at the very least.
2. I am so sick of hearing about the health care issue, I am literally getting sick, only I couldn't afford the ludicrous $50 co-pay over the weekends, so I manned up and stayed home.
3. Who the hell gets a 40 day vacation from work?
4. Two groups of people who need to be taken out of the health care system...lawyers and insurance companies.
5. So Sarah Palin I supposed to care?
6. Say what you want about his alcoholic days, Teddy Kennedy gave his heart and soul to this nation. His death deserved the attention.
7. Not to be cruel, but I am so happy they have laid Michael Jackson's body to rest. There must have been easily twenty thousand hours of programming just on his death alone.
8. While i am on the subject, Larry King has made a career going from one freak issue or celebrity death to the next...OJ, MJ, Heath Ledger, and on and on..........
9. There hasn't been enough talk of the positive economic indicators so far after Obama's first 200 days. He has stopped the bleeding, and can move on to other things.
10. Cash for clunkers didn't clunker didn't qualify.


Monday, September 7, 2009


Reagan, Bush and Clinton did it and there was barely a peep out of anyone. No protests, boycotts or concerns. What did they do? They gave a public address to American students extolling the benefits and importance of education. So when president Obama prepared to do the very same this week, the administration was dumb founded at the hysterics that ensued in anticipation of the speech.
Will he be actually pushing the "liberal" agenda, or perhaps sending subliminal messages to our youth turning them into socialists and fascists? This is the cumulative intelligence of a large swath of our nation, including our educators. The paranoia surrounding president Obama is as palatable as it is ignorant.
Local school districts are scrambling to react to parental concerns; pre-screening of the video prior to allowing their students to view it, the creation of acknowledgement and permission slips, and creation of non-viewing rooms, safe havens for students wishing to avoid the Vulcan mind meld certain to be attempted by our leader. Ridiculous.
Here is the introductory message from ".....the President will talk directly to students across the country on the importance of taking responsibility for their education, challenging them to set goals and do everything they can do to succeed."
Seems innocuous? Of course it is. Rather than worry about what innocent attempts made by the President to motivate and set priorities for our children, maybe...just maybe the school districts should worry about the true road blocks towards the development of our children's minds.....their association with closed minded and ignorant parental role models, who seek only to demean the prestige and history of the Presidency, as well as push their paranoia towards a black man / socialist / Hitler fascist in the White House. They say the apples never fall far from the trees....for the sake of our country, I hope they hit the ground running and roll far, far away from the tree.
Face it, our children will hear a myriad of voices out there; some intelligent, some foolish and yes, some dangerous. If you have foregone imprinting your personal issues on your child's mind and concentrated on creating thinking, rational human beings, they will be able to come to their own reasonable conclusions.
Have a little faith in our leaders, and a little more in your childrens ability to separate the chafe from the wheat. And let's put an end to the silly season that only distracts us from making our own reasonable conclusions to the important issues our nation currently faces.
And that is the world....the "World According to Kimba" Thanks for reading

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Looking for an educational, vocational learning toy for your child? Consider the Pole Dance Doll coming to a store near you. She doesn't start dancing until you turn her on and the music plays, but once you do it will be a Joyous Christmas experience indeed.
And, there are two versions to pick from....
This is the version marketed towards children and...
this is the adult version. Glad I could clear this up.
Just the kind of amusing public service I like to render
from time to time in the
World According to Kimba, aptly subtitled
"observations on a world gone mad."
And, if any of these dolls sell at all, it will come true indeed.


As if our priorities weren't mis-aligned enough, here is a hot topic issue for some people causing quite a bit of uproar, including a petition demand on the Internet.
We are waging two wars, the economy was in the tank (and coming around slowly), people are so upset with proposed health care bills in Congress they are actually becoming violent, but what is the number one issue for some readership? IKEA, in their newest catalog changed the font on their cover from sans serif to verdana (see covers above). Shocking, isn't it?
They have a good mind to call their wait......they apparently don't have a good mind at all. Get over it folks. First, you are making a mountain over a molehill over a type face, and two, you are considering buying build it yourself furniture which comes complete with picture only directions only a cryptographer would understand. And that doesn't even take into account the furniture will come complete with fasteners which only fasten for the first year or two.
If I had two months to type it and two blogs to contain it, I would tell you the store of how the first thing my bride and I did after getting married was to go and purchase an entire master bedroom worth of furniture from IKEA. Up until that point, she thought I never cursed or became angry......what an eye opening weekend it was for her; witnessing my trying to put that crap together! That was fifteen years ago, and my knuckles are just about healed by now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Whatever your views are on celebrity twitterers, or the famous jumping into the political world or in any way using their celebrity to push a cause, or raise an issue....I think you will all agree, regardless of whatever your individual political stance is, or how you define yourself, that this is a pretty cool idea. I hope it spreads.
I am taking a pledge. Not sure what it will be for the long term, but I am going to make a pledge and leave it in the comments section below. I hope you will watch the video, and do the same. thanks, Kimba

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are some yearly perks when you live in the foothills of Southern California; July 4th fireworks, the Academy Awards, the Rose Bowl.......all great stuff (did I forget the occasional mudslides and earthquakes?). I live in northern So Cal, basically in a bowl made from mountain ranges, and once a year, we get forest fires. This time, at least so far, I am out of the woods, if you will permit a very poor choice of words.

Twice in the last five years I have had them close enough...well, almost close enough to feel the heat. Been in a voluntary evacuation, and had my community closed to traffic (I found a way to get in). I have witnessed water dropping helicopters refilling from a lake at a local golf course, and last year I witnessed a DC-10 make a water drop, which was incredible to see such a huge (and I do mean HUGE) plane flying so close to ground.
If you have never experienced a forest fire up close, you have never witnessed one of the most out of control, living breathing monsters of nature known to man. A forest fire goes wherever it wants, as fast as it can find something to burn, and given a gust of wind, reverse course at the drop of a dime. But let me tell you, the fires we have going this time are as awesome and out of control as I have ever witnessed. Not only tremendous in scope, but it is burning in a path that is virtually impenetrable to man, other than by aircraft.
It is the first week and it has destroyed 53 structures and over 100,000 acres. The forest service guesstimates they have it 5% contained, and full containment may take over two more weeks. Surely this inferno will wreak its devistation on a wide swath of land, and unfortunately take more than its share of structures. This folks, is the real thing.
Watch the video to see what I mean. It is time lapsed, takes 6 minutes, and incorporates an early 24 hours of its living, breathing destruction.