Sunday, September 2, 2012


That's the very independent Bernie Sanders from the state of my  birth,Vermont. Our Don Quixote, railing against massive pork barrel spending, two wars that made no sense, tax cuts that set off an economic vortex of deficits and the criminal greed from our banks and real estate industry that nearly caused our second great depression. 
And what is the response from the conservatives that caused most of our financial situation (besides Clinton repealing Glass-Stegall)......continue to reward the rich and balance the budget by penalizing the middle class with additional taxes. Their rational? The rich are the so called "job creators" if Bill Gates will take his share of the tax breaks bestowed upon him and create a new business start-up and hire 10,000 more don't need to be a rancher to recognize bullshit when you smell it.
Once and for all, let's define exactly who the "job creators" are....people who buy things.  That's right...businesses are created due to potential demand. People are hired when sales increase to the extent that their present work force cannot respond to it. Businesses will increase their inventories when business dictates....when their inventory days of supply reduce due to increased demand. Production will increase when demand increases...when people start buying things. And this will require a strong and vibrant middle class. 

The economic platform according to Kimba? 

Get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich ($1million in yearly earnings)  permanently, which will increase revenue....don't worry Gates, don't worry Koch Brothers, don't worry Walton will fact, and here is the best will get the money back ten fold, because we are going to reduce the tax rates on all others...and they  are going to flood the marketplace and buy your goods...your inventories decrease, your sales increase, your profits increase, and you will be forced to hire more people to meet the increased demand. It's a win-win-win.
Balance the budget by reducing social programs? Unnecessary...because we will cut all spending by 10% across the board. Every program, every agency. All those that think there is so much as one agency without at least 10% waste, please raise your hand...I thought so. It will be incumbent on the leadership of each agency to ferret out waste in order to survive. How about an anonymous tip line at the federal level for whistle blowers to report waste and ridiculously criminal spending of the tax payers money?
Finally, we concentrate on the Fed...and the stability of the dollar. The worth of the dollar relative to foreign markets...especially China. Establish penalties to Americans who zap our wealth by sending their money out of the country....penalize American companies who ship our jobs overseas....and tariff all goods coming into our country so that is becomes cheaper to manufacture here. And repeal the minimum wage...a true free market. Let the American worker decide what a fair wage is based on whether or not someone is willing to accept the job and salary.
Health care? Medicare programs for all those willing to buy it regardless of age. Add it to the Affordable Heath Care Act immediately. The reduced cost of Medicaid versus the profit bloated insurance tyrants will force them to become more competitive with their pricing.
It's not everything, but it would be a rational start. Next up..."too big to fail corporations, anchor babies, immigration, the G.I. Bill, educational system, and on and on.....but for gawd sakes...don't try and fix the economic problems Congress has created over the past decades on the backs of the middle class, who have done nothing to create it...except vote for the morons who caused the problem by saying Aye..... and who now are saying no......... to fix the problems they themselves have created.
And that's my world..."The World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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