Saturday, September 22, 2012


There is no doubt that the American landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. It has been estimated that over one-third of all Americans live below the poverty line. Over 10% are unemployed...many more are under-employed.  Homeless...hopeless.
But my vision, my perception of  America is drastically different than the one described by presidential candidate and former Governor Mitt Romney. You see when he said that over 47% of America feel like victims, demanding government handouts for their lot in life, it was a huge window with which to see the  true character of the man. The truth is, he hates 47% of Americans....he sees those 47% as lazy, shiftless,worthless wastes of human flesh that he need not concern himself with.
He sees 47% of our once great country much like the photo below...using their government assistance to buy  booze, cigarettes, hanging out on their porches drinking Colt 45, their girth spilling out of their dirty white wife beaters, while their filthy children play in the yard.
 My vision is not nearly as cynical, not nearly as bleak.....I see good people, unemployed because of the economy, desperately trying to find work and self worth...they are victims of sorts...victims of an economy brought to its knees by rich mans tax cuts all the while waging two economy brought to its knees by greed of the financial, banking and real estate economy tanking through no fault of their own. I see good people forced to accept financial assistance, swallowing their pride for the welfare of their families.
And I see children forced to grow up in fear and poverty...forced to grow up witnessing the  fear and desperation of  their parents...I see children forced to go hungry. I see children living in flop houses, cheap hotels or automobiles. No one wants to live this way, Governor. No one feels entitled to theses lifestyles. 
So when a president comes out and admits that he loathes 47% of the very country he has so desperately sought to govern over for nearly a decade....when I see a VP candidate who wants to correct the financial ignorance of the former President  he so valiantly supported by sharply reducing public assistance and the food stamp program...when I see a presidential ticket whose vision of our future is a Darwinian nightmare where the rich get more tax cuts and the lower classes get less and less...when I see a presidential candidate that wants to send more children to bed hungry...when I hear a president who mocks the unfortunate..when I see a presidential candidate who has so obviously given up on nearly half of this countries citizens just like he gave upon the American auto industry...I have to wonder about the mans character. I have to wonder about the  mans morals and compassion.
And I have to wonder about such a mans religion...what on earth have they been teaching him?...obviously not Bible based teaching, not from my Bible at least. Obviously they use a Bible that says screw the less fortunate...hoard your riches and fuck the rest.
When I see a presidential ticket so hell bent on dividing the country into the haves and the have nots, I have to wonder who raised these heartless bastards. I have to wonder how they sleep at night. And I have to wonder who on earth want to sign up for their visions for this nations future and actually support them...and I have to wonder about a country who can fill a room at $50,000.00 a plate to hear this blow hard describe how 47% of this country's citizens are useless pieces of shit.

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